Frequently Asked Questions-What is your Return Policy?
A. To return for any reason, please return within 30 days (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund of the purchase price. We recommend insuring your package in case of damage in transit.
Q. I would like to buy an item that is Out of Stock. Will you let me know when it is Available?
A. I would be happy to – drop me an email and mention the item desired, we’ll let you know by email when it is back in stock.Q. I’m looking for information on how to sell my collectibles/collection. Where do I start?
A. We have two extensive Articles about selling collectibles at: Pricing and selling your Avon Collection and Helpful hints from Bud Hastin, author of the #1 Best Selling Avon Collector’s Encyclopedia™

Q. Where can I find the Current Market Value for Avon Collectibles I own?
A. Visit our bookstore for the latest available guides for Avon Collectibles

Q. I am looking for an item you don’t carry, can you help?
A. We established our free service, The Avon Collectibles Wanted, for person-to-person ads to serve our customers looking for items we don’t carry.

Q. Where can I find information on local Avon Collector’s Clubs?
A. Contact the NAAC for information on local clubs and shows

Q. Are Collectible bottles worth more to you Full or Empty? Take/view our poll

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