Avon Christmas Carolers Pomander-Visitor Question

Years ago, I believe back in the 70’s I bought the Avon Christmas Carolers. This was a red ¬†figure of three carolers. Every year I would display it a Christmas time and the scent would fill the room. I still have the wax figure but the scent is almost gone. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what that scent is?

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  1. festive garland. I just came across one that is still in the box and unused that we are getting ready to sell in the shop

  2. Wish I could tell you how they produced that scent, but all I can tell you is the bottom of the figurine says “Festive Garlands.”

  3. I know the official name of the scent is called”Festive Garlands”, but if you are like Me and have been putting this little red statue out every year since about 1975…………it’s just called CHRISTMAS.

  4. I grew up with one of these in my grandparents house. I still have it. Thing is 43 years old and I’m 51. It still smells like festive garlands. Brings back great memories.

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