Avon Mother’s Day Plates- Info for Collectors

We are often asked for details on the Avon Mother’s day Plates- while you will find most of the Photos of the plates in our Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
1. What was the first Avon Mother’s Day plate issued?
A. 1981 was the first Avon Mother’s day plate- called Cherished Moments
1981 Avon Mothers Day Plate

. It is approximately 5″ in diameter.

2. Why did Avon make a larger plate in 1995?
A. Our best guess is that Avon was thinking of going to a larger plate in 1995 ongoing, but that the response from customers was that they wanted one consistent size plate since they are generally displayed all together. Whatever the reason, the 1995 plate was the only large plate sold.

3. Which plates do not have the year on the front?
A. The


and 1986 plates did not have the year on the front, but did have the year on the back of the plate.

The 2002 Mother’s day plate 2002 Avon Mothers Day Plate-Cherished Teddies does not have the year on the front – and the year on the back (2001) reflects the date it was produced by Enesco (the makers of Cherished Teddies (TM). This caused much confusion among collectors and many did not purchase the plate thinking it was not the Mother’s day plate for 2002. It is still hard to find, although it is getting easier to locate. Sponsored link- find it on Ebay here

4. Did Avon make a 2008 Mother’s day plate?
A. Yes, however it is very rare, they did not put it in their catalogs, and to the best of our knowledge it was very limited and many reps were not able to get them at all. We do have a photo, and we expect they will eventually re-appear in the secondary market .

You can find all of photos of plates in our Photo Gallery

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  1. I have the 1988-1994 plates along with special memories Tom Newsom “Creation of Love” plates all in pristine condition. Any idea how much I could get for them all as a set and where I can sell them??? Please any info would be appreciated

  2. I have two 5″ 1981 “Cherished Moments Last Forever” plates with different depths. They are identical front,, back and diameter. One is 1/2″ and the other is 5/8″ in depth. It doesn’t sound significant until they are stacked. What is the story? Defect?

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