Avon Stein List

Avon Artic Odyssey Stein
Avon Artic Odyssey Stein

Avon Stein Photo gallery – we’ve had requests from many of our visitors  for a list of steins – so that they can have a list to compare to their own collection, and see what is missing. To that end, we’ve compiled a list below of (to the best of our current knowledge) all of the Full-Sized steins and Mini-Steins, and tankards.  This list does not include any bottles that were made in the shape of steins. We welcome any photos to add to the collection for our visitors, if you have photos you would like to share of steins, tankards, or bottles in the shape of steins we would be happy to display them for collectors.

If we’ve missed any, we welcome feedback and will update this list as appropriate. We hope this listing is helpful in completing your collections.

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1972 Avon Hunters Stein –    Where to buy (paid link)
1976 Avon Wildlife Stein – Photo   Where to buy (paid link)
1977 Avon Tall Ships Stein –Photo   Where to buy (paid link)
1978 Avon Strike At Point Sporting Stein – Photo   Where to buy (paid link)
1979 Avon Car Classics Stein – Photo   Where to buy (paid link)
1980 Avon Western Roundup Stein – Photo   Where to buy (paid link)
1981 Avon Flying Classics Stein – Photo  Where to buy (paid link)
1982 Avon Mini Flying Classics  Stein – Photo
1982 Avon Mini Tall Ships Stein- Photo
1982 Avon Mini Car Classics Stein  – Photo
1982 Avon Age of the Iron Horse Stein
1983 Avon Football Stein –Photo
1983 Avon Mini Endangered Species Stein – Photo
1983 Avon Mini Strike at Point Sporting Stein – Photo
1983 Avon Mini Western Roundup Stein – Photo
1984 Avon Baseball Stein – Photo
1985 Avon Blacksmith Stein- Photo
1985 Avon Lewis and Clark Character Mug – Photo
1985 Avon Mini Iron Horse (Train) Stein – Photo
1985 Avon Wright Brothers Character Mug – Photo
1986 Avon Shipbuilders Stein –Photo
1987 Avon Gold Rush Stein – Photo
1988 Avon Ducks of the American Wilderness Stein –Photo
1988 Avon Indians of the American Frontier Stein –Photo
1989 Avon Racing (Race) Car Stein – Photo
1989 Avon Tribute To The Firefighters Stein
1990 Avon Asian Elephant Mini Stein – Photo
1990 Avon Bald Eagle Mini Stein – Photo
1990 Avon Fishing Stein – Photo
1990 Avon Tribute to the American Armed Forces Stein – Photo
1991 Avon Conquest of Space Stein – Photo
1991 Avon Giant Panda Mini Stein – Photo
1991 Avon Great dogs of the Outdoors Stein – Photo

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20 thoughts on “Avon Stein List”

  1. I have 9 steins in perfect condition in their boxes that I would like to sell. Can I post them and sell them on here?

  2. We have a family member who passed and was an avid collector of avon. We have everything from Random large and mini steins, chess board pieces, and other small items. We were curious if anyone knew where to sell them at besides listing on ebay and waiting…. we just dont have the time or the storage space. Some avon items still have the original cologne/soap inside.

  3. I have 3 steins not listed 1983 1st one- one side”The Strike… Rainbow Trout” other side “At Point…English Setter” 1983 the 2nd one- Jib-Headed Ketch Barkentine Brigantine Bark Staysail Schocner . 1986 the 3rd one- Union Pacific 1941 Twentieth Century 1938 OrientExpress 1925 The General 1855 Penydarran RR 1804 Was wondering if they are worth anything?

    1. The first one you mentioned is the 1983 Avon Mini Strike at Point Sporting Stein (listed in the blog post above)
      Your second one is likely the 1983 Avon Mini Endangered Species Stein
      the third is 1985 Avon Mini Iron Horse (Train) Stein
      Thanks for asking, they are listed I suspect you were missing the boxes with the stein names on them.

  4. I have all but a few, some Ive kept for personal reasons, from 1975, or1976, until the last on in 2005, I believe it’s the Serengeti. They are all still boxed, most never opened. Is there value in these?

    1. Thanks for sharing, we have not run across that particular Stein, do you have more information about it? If someone has a photo of their own Hunters Stein from 1972 they would like to share here or in our Photo gallery , it would be welcomed.

  5. I have an Avon Stein marked Africa’s Serengeti
    The one you have listed is a coloured version. Would you have any idea on the year of mine?

  6. Is there a link to the items you’re selling? I tried some of the links above but there were multiple listings on some and I could figure out which was you.

    1. Thanks for asking, athough the pictures are of steins and other collectibles we used to sell, the photos and info and only for informational purposes now. We do have links to outside sources where you can purchase some items. We may get a small commission for some purchases from links found on our website.

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