6 thoughts on “No 2010 Avon Christmas Plate-2009 was the last one (to date)”

  1. looks like they did away with the Pewter Collector Ornamant too. No nostalgia left in this company or what? I'm thinking there won't be a Mother's Day Plate this year either.

  2. What the heck…..Has this company moved away from using the word, "Christmas" so they cannot justify having a "Christmas" Plate….I have collected these plates for 40 years!!!

  3. My wife and I were married in 1978 and received an Avon Christmas plate every year from my Mom who was an Avon rep. She retired in 1998 and we continued to buy the plates afterward from another "Avon Lady." What the heck is Avon thinking? Sad.

  4. I am MAD! My husband and I have bought an AVON Christmas plate every year of our marriage since 1993!!! Very very sad…. Why would they do this to us?? I am sad too Taurusbass…you think we can write to Avon and let them know how upset we are???

  5. Sad too….

    Received a collection from my mother several years ago, she started collecting in the very beginning, 1973. I have added every year since then, for a full collection. Had been my thought I would pass to my daughter now 24, and it would be her joy to carry on the tradition of three generations. Can't believe they just stopped making these!

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