4 Piece Townhouse Canisters

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4 Piece Townhouse Canisters

Post by MountainRose »

I have a 4 piece Townhouse Canister set. They are in good and excellent condition. What are they worth. On eBay I can only find 3 pieces and some with 4 pieces, but not all are really a part of the set. The figures are attached.
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Re: 4 Piece Townhouse Canisters

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I'm pretty certain the Townhouse canisters were individually offered - likely the easiest will be to look at the completed listings for the most current sold listings for each individual ( or possible multiples). Here is a link that might help:
https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R ... 1&_fosrp=1

You can monitor it over time also to see trends, it's an interesting time for all types of collectibles.
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