Avon Collectible Beer Steins

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Avon Collectible Beer Steins

Post by Sherry »

I think we have a complete set of Avon beer steins.
Where can I find collectors and values and pictures of the beer stein series from 1976?
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Re: Avon Collectible Beer Steins

Post by findavon »

Hi Sherry:
You'll find photos of many steins in our showcase (we no longer offer collectibles for sale, but we do keep a showcase of many of our previous products for our visitors) here:

You'll find a complete list of Avon Ceramic Steins herehttps://findavon.com/blog/avon-stein-list/ , we do not have a list of bottle shaped steins, we'd be happy if folks add their own photos to the forum.

Selling prices of course are quite changeable, due to the fluctuating market for all collectibles. During the 2000's most collectibles sold for much more than they have post-2008, however it is fluid and some areas and items may do better than others. The best advice is to use the tips for do-it-yourselfers here https://findavon.com/blog/ to decide what your items might sell for now. Of course due to the high cost of shipping for heavier items, you will almost always net a better price if you sell locally. Your mileage might vary...

Re: Avon Collectible Beer Steins

Post by danno »

I have a complete set of Avon Beer Stiens that was given to me. They are in mint condition 1976 thru 2005.
I an interested in selling them.Just looking for some feedback.
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