I have come across a set of sandwich glass...

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I have come across a set of sandwich glass...

Post by JaxAfterlife »

My name Is Jax, and I wanted to possibly find anyone that could be interested in my recent findings.
last year my father, 69, passed away from his 8 year battle with cancer. About 6 months later, my mother Vicky, 61, succumbed to her 10 year battle with the same cancer...Being the fact, that I am the only one left cognisant to handle my parents estate, im joined by blind, but addiction struggling older sister. I have come across a set of sandwich glass, 1876 Cape Cod collection dinnerware set. They are old, but in MINT condition. I think my fathers parents, owned a bar in lake isabella CA, back in the 50's and 60's, and this is the china they used for that establishment. I want to know if anyone can reach out to me, and help me possibly appraise these items, or maybe show some interest in them? I would greatly appreciate and all help, and guidance towards this topic. I have barely scratched the service, going through their belongings. There is no telling what I am yet to find.

Thank you again, and I hope to hear back from somebody soon,
god bless,