Looking for guidance

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Looking for guidance

Post by SIMarshall »

I have a few dishes and a ceramic top hat from Mom's collection that I ended up with after she moved when Dad passed. I would like to move them along to get her a little cash, but have no idea if there is any value or where to start other than blindly putting them on Craigslist. I have some time to research, but can't put a lot of time into looking at other websites and auctions.

Any guidance or suggestions the experts have would be happily accepted and appreciated.

Thank you. Everyone Be Well & Stay Healthy!

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Re: Looking for guidance

Post by findavon »

Hi :
We have some general guidance https://findavon.com/blog/pricing-and-s ... ollection/, of course in these crazy times I suspect buying collectibles is not a top priority for many, and that it might be best to wait for better times to actively pursue selling. Hopefully conditions will improve sooner rather than later.

Stay safe and stay home :)

Re: Looking for guidance

Post by Guest »

Understood, thank you. I'll take a look and learn what I can. There just a few pieces so I'm not sure that waiting will make that much of a difference, but I'll look at the knowledge base and follow it's advice.

Thank you, Be Well & Stay Healthy.
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