Huge Avon Collection Found in attic

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Huge Avon Collection Found in attic

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Hello - I recently purchased a project house and all it's contents in Topeka KS. The house was FULL of collectables....coins, decanters, tools, vintage radios, bottles.... literally anything and everything. In the attic I have found a massive Avon collection. There were 100+ very large boxes of Avon collectables. Most everything inside of each box has been individually wrapped in newspaper. I sold 60 boxes to one individual and have 40 to 50 more boxes left. It seems like a terrible waste to just throw these away but I don't have the time to go through each box considering the massive amount of other things we are trying to sell from the house. I am trying to find someone or multiple people who may be interested in the rest of this collection. I would be willing to just give them away if someone wants to come and get them. I would get them down from the attic if someone is interested in loading them into a trailer. I have attached a few pictures but can supply more upon request.

Please let me know if there is any interest. Thanks!!!
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Re: Huge Avon Collection Found in attic

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Where are you located?
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