Huge Avon collection

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Huge Avon collection

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Hello, my name is Brent and I am new to this forum. My mother-in-law passed away a few years back. She was an Avon Salesperson for many years and then a District Manager for a few years. She left us with an enormous collection of Avon dating from the 1960's to the 2000's. we have about 40 of the avon shipping boxes full of avon cologne bottles and assorted other avon items. We have a complete set of 1876 Cape Cod Ruby Red Dish Collection with service for 12 including all of the accessory pieces, probably at least 120 pieces. All large and small beer steins and about 20 large Avon dolls and many figurines. We have the complete cologne chess set with board. Most of the items (excluding the ruby red dish collection dolls and steins) are in original boxes. The collection is a little overwhelming to say the least. Going through the house and garage I wouldn't be surprised if we had over 1000 pieces. We would like to sell as much as we can to help my financially strapped father-in-law. We live in the Portland, Or. USA area and don't know where to begin. Any thoughts?
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Re: Huge Avon collection

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Hi Brent,
In the current environment, it's almost always best to try any and all local options.
If /when you decide to have a garage or estate sale, you can post it in our events forum (include dates, times, location)

All the best
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