Nativity Set

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Nativity Set

Post by stcharles »

I have the AVON Nativity set - and I think I have all the pieces. However, I have some animals that basically look the same (same style/ bisque, etc.) but don't have the AVON symbol on the bottom. They appear to be the male/female version of those in the collection. Were these maybe released later and were not part of the original collection? Can anyone help?
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Re: Nativity Set

Post by findavon »

Yes, here is a complete list of the Avon Bisque Nativity Items, with links to photos we took of each one. If it isn't on the list then there you go.. ... vity-list/

The first were in 1981 and the last in 1993, and all (except the Wood Stand) do have Avon on the bottom. Hope that helps!
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